Analysis of a unit of work (unit 6)

Assignment 2 (3000 words) – Analysis of a unit of work (unit 6).
This assignment requires you to analyse and use an existing a whole unit of work (attached under: Ass2_Unit6)
Part 1: Analysis of a unit of work (unit 6) (1000-1500)
Part 1 requires you to critically evaluate a unit of work given in terms of:
• the range of approaches and methodologies to language learning and teaching this unit of work encompasses.
Discuss whether there is a focus on a particular approach, eg, are the students asked to memorise / rote learn/ repeat (audio-lingual); are students required to complete a task (task based learning) or an information-gap type activity (communicative language learning); is there a focus on a specific genre? 300 – 400
• the clarity of the objectives and target language/ exponents being taught 200-300
• the selection and sequencing of the activities 200 – 300
• to what extent language exponents and skills are integrated in the activities 200 -300
• the learner group, their needs and their language level for which the unit of work would be most appropriate 100
Describe the learner group this unit is designed for: ESL students, students of English as an international language etc; what

language level the unit assumes and; the students language learning needs.
Part 2: Extension, addition, omission and substitution (unit 6) (1500 – 2000)
This section of the assignment requires you to focus on the unit of work:
• Comment on any extensions, additions, omissions or substitutions you would make if you were teaching this unit to the learner group
you identified in Part 1, above. 500
• Give reasons for your decisions. 500
• Describe how you will assess student learning. 300
• Describe how you will evaluate the success of the unit of work. 200
• Identify any problems you anticipate in carrying out the unit of work and suggest how you would go about overcoming these. 300
• For added or substituted activities, list the resources you will need for these, and reference the materials you have used or drawn on. 200
Note pls use subheadings in Part1&2

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