Answer the questions

This is going to be a meta class conversation, kinda like eaves-dropping on a conversation.

Our in-class conversations and our first real essay deal with the idea of entering into a conversation with sources. Please read the following post – “You did not build the city of Richmond” – written by VCU student August Wade, as well as the comments to the post. Then, read the subsequent re-post by Wade – “Follow up on ‘You did not build the city of Richmond'” – as well as the comments to that post, too. These articles can also be found in the 2015-2016 Focused Inquiry Reader.

What ideas can you take from Wade’s original article, and subsequent comments, in regards to subject or style or stance that you can apply to how you can summarize, analyze, and synthesize outside sources to support your assertion of your first essay? What do you think Wade (and the commentators) did right? What do you think Wade (and the commentarors) did wrong?

How does this “class conversation” inform your own method of integrating sourcing into your work?

first web site

second website

After finishing please highlight each sentence with the source.

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