Include title of play, playwright, and year written.


Response should be formatted like a paper, not a question and answer.  Please type, double-space, and use 10 or 12 point font.


Please include the following prompts in your paper.  They do not have to be in any particular order.



  • Write a brief plot summary of each act.
  • What is the protagonist’s main objective?
  • What is (are) the setting(s) of the play?  What effect do these have on the plot?
  • What is the primary conflict?
  • What happens during the climax of the play?  How does it resolve?



  • Who are the most important characters in this play?  Describe them for me.  Tell me about their appearance, personality, background, motivation, etc.  Why are they important to the plot?
  • How do two of the characters mentioned above differ from one another?



  • What themes or symbols are present?
  • Select what strikes you as the most important line or lines from the play. Write the entire passage, making sure to indicate the character who says the lines (or characters who say the lines), the act, scene, and page number. In roughly a paragraph, explain why this line (or lines) is important to the play, and why it is important in understanding the work. Explain any themes or key points the playwright makes that are connected to these lines.


Finally, did you enjoy the play?  Why or why not?

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