Competencies, scope of practice in disasters

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Note:Please follow the instruction carefully.
Details of task
(Competencies, scope of practice in disasters)
The need for core competencies in disaster nursing is overwhelming. Review the literature and discuss the competing issues of competencies, expanded scope of practice, ethical practice and the ability to respond.
Steps of the structure of task
1- Introduction
Background about your competencies
This paper about……………
2- Competencies
3- Expanded scope
4- Ethical practice
5- Ability to respond
6- your pinion all together
7- Conclusion
Support the arguments with articles.
You must use this references on the task then involve it.
– Powers, R., & Daily, E. (Eds.). (2010). International disaster nursing.Cambridge University Press.
– World Health Organization and International Council of Nurses. (2009). ICN Framework of Disaster Nursing Competencies. Geneva Switzerland: International Council of Nurses.
– Gebbie, K. M., &Qureshi, K. (2002). Emergency and Disaster Preparedness: Core Competencies for Nurses: What every nurse should but may not know. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 102(1), 46-51.
– Gebbie, K. M., Hutton, A., & Plummer, V. (2012). Update on competencies and education. Annual review of nursing research, 30(1), 169-192.
Word limit: 3000 words
References: 22, APA style
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