Critical Essay

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At one point, students across all levels must get hold of an assignment or project to work on from either their teacher or lecturer. The teachers’ aim of giving students assignments is to sharpen their minds and help them in making priorities. These assignments range from term papers, essays, to research papers. Critical essay is paramount to student grading because it is given out before every grading period.
This is the most feared assignment among students because it determines whether the student will pass the unit or not. For guarantee performance in your essay, order our high quality tailored essay.
What do teachers get from giving critical essay as a writing assignment?
There are many ways used by instructors to assess whether the student has understood the area under discussion or not. The most common are test in form of questions i.e exam, and verbal test. Despite using these two tools, they still find it inadequate in establishing whether students have gained knowledge from the tutor. This explains why instructors decided to get another option of testing, which is writing.
1. Teachers will be able to check the students’ proficiency in writing.
By subjecting students to written assignments, the instructor gets to know their writing capability, for example how they rationally put their ideas together. It is through this kind of assignments that the teacher confirms whether the students are competent linguistically and if they follow all instructions related to critical essay writing.
2. Teachers will then have the chance to assess the students’ method of organizing schedules and setting up priorities.
Students handle this kind of assignment before each grading period. This means that this is a point where students are very busy with other duties in the school and yet they cannot give such an explanation to their respective educators. The results of this are that students resort to the internet for information on critical essay writing. Free use of downloaded information may lead presentation of plagiarized or poor guality papers hence leading to poor grades.
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Below is a list of the common critical essay topics handled: Catcher in the Rye critical essay, Beloved critical essay, Withering Heights critic Shakespeare critical essay al essay, Animal Farm critical essay, Frankenstein critical essay, Pride and Prejudice critical essay, Romeo and Juliet critical essay, Heart of Darkness critical essay, Awakening critical essay, Catch 22 critical essay and others.
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