Critique of Soft Modelling Approaches

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Choose a soft modelling approach and examine the strengths and weaknesses of that approach, clearly outlining the distinction between the hard and soft approaches, including a discussion on the assumptions that underpin the soft and hard approaches. Discuss the types of contexts and problems for which an approach is best suited.
Reflect upon and discuss the dominant modelling approach that is used in your organisation or in an organisation that you are familiar with. This discussion should include an analysis of the modelling tools and techniques used to support the dominant modelling approach, and lead to suggestions on how the modelling approach, tools and techniques could benefit from the adoption of soft approaches and what are the potential challenges of adopting soft approaches in an organisational context.
The above discussion should then be contextualised for discussing the implications for the roles and practices of business analysts.
Please justify your views and make reference to scholarly materials (books, articles, journals). Do not use any internet sources.
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