Develop a Visual Educational Tool

You are required to: A: Develop a Visual Educational Tool (PowerPoint / leaflet / web page) that addresses the gaps and limitations identified in the activity analysed in Assessment 1. B: Provide a Project Report (3500 words)
Assessment Cover Sheet with declaration completed included as front page of assessment (See page 2)
Assessments will be marked according to Assessment marking criteria sheet (See page 3). Marks will be deducted for failure to meet these requirements
Title page: All written assessments must have a title page that outlines: student name, student number, course code, course name, semester and year, Due date, Extension date (if applicable), Word Count
Word Count: Your essay may have + or minus 10% of the designated word count.
Word count includes in text references, however, does not include the reference list or in text quotes.
Word counts 10% above or below the word limit will be penalised
Include a footer with page numbers “x of y” and your name and student number
Referencing: Use a separate page for references. The references on your reference list are not included in the word count.
Referencing: There must be no less than 15 peer reviewed references supplied. References to abstracts are not acceptable and will be penalised. References must be primarily peer-reviewed journal articles, published within the last five years
Referencing: Reference according to APA 6th, which is the standard referencing style for the school
Judicious use of headings is permitted; overuse of headings will be penalised
Bullet points and numbering are not appropriate in academic essays
Please double space all assignments, left and right justify, and ensure margins of 3.17cm on the right and left of the page
Font must be Times New Roman or Arial, 12 point
Requests for Extension
Requests for extension of time to submit an assessment item must be made in writing (email is acceptable) by the due date to the Course Convenor.
Where the request is made on medical grounds, an appropriate medical certificate must be submitted
A copy of the extension request and approval should be attached to the assessment item when it is submitted.
Penalties for Late Submission
An assessment item submitted after the due date, without an approved extension, will be penalised.
The standard penalty is the reduction of the mark allocated to the assessment item by 10% of the maximum mark applicable for the assessment item, for each day or part day that the item is late. Weekends count as one day in determining the penalty.
Assessment items submitted more than five days after the due date are awarded zero marks.
This is non-negotiable.
NB: Students must submit all assessment items and obtain a minimum combined overall mark of 50% for assessment items in this course.
Student Name: ______________________ Student Number: _________________
1. Visual Educational Tool Part 1
• Validity
o Content
o Objectives/aims
o Outcome
o Construct
• Reliability
• Objectivity
2. Project Report Part 2
Introduction & Conclusion
• Clear concise introduction and conclusion to project
Rational for tool and supporting critical analysis of literature
• Identifies and scopes project goals and objectives (5)
• Identifies strengths and limitations in literature to support rationale for project (5)
• Provides an evidence based discussion of the essential components of project planning e.g.
o Target audience identified and justified
o Rationale for tool provided
o Needs assessment
o Community Involvement
o Development and implementation
o Evaluation (20)
• Provides an evidence based critical analysis of literature that clearly outlines the visual tool is (20)
o Appropriate and meets the identified needs of the target group
o Effective in creating the desired change or result
o Implemented with effective use of resources
o Based on best practice and is evidence based
o Accountable and quality assured
Grammar & Structure
• Presents well organised logical synopsis
• Appropriate academic language
• Evidence and acknowledgement of adequate and appropriate literature to support argument and project development
• Accurate consistent referencing style
Part 2

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