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Topic: FiscalandMonetaryPolicy
Thetask is todevelop a reportthat educates the rest of the classaboutthis topicby drawing frommaterialfrompublic sources.Articles fromthe news mightbe one source,orscholarly journals. Butmakesure todocument your sources. Here is a very brieflistof sources for you to start. Day after day,neweventsand information becomeavailablethat shedslightonthehowthe economyis reacting tocurrenteconomicproblemsandevents.
TheWall Street Journal
The WashingtonPost
Bureauof LaborStatistics
Directions on Completing the Group Report (What are we supposed to do???):
You have a lot of flexibility in how you structure your report. Be creative, butnotethatataminimum, yourreport shouldinclude:
oSummary and analysis of several current events pertaining your topic
oHow the events you have researched illustrate one or more of the 10 principles of economics
oReference tokeytermsandtheoriesidentifiedinyour reading.
oAset ofdiscussionquestions the rest of theclass shouldrespondto

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