Research could be on instructional assessment, curriculum development and planning, supervision of teachers, school climate, peer coaching, or any topic that is reviewed in the text. See Course Documents on [form]

Read article and complete the form (see attachment) identifying each of the sections of a scientifically, peer-reviewed research article. Using only direct quotes from the article (the researchers’ own words),  place each phrase or sentences in the appropriate section. The most important section is Section VI, asking the question: What are the implications for you as a future administrator in building successful Supervision, Management of Instruction or Clinical Supervision practices.


NOTE: Each article must have a methodology, findings/results, and discussion/conclusion section in


ABSTRACT REPORT FORM (responses should be single spaced and only 1 page) Name:_________________________ Date:_________________________ Topic:_________________________ Abstract # _____________________ Bibliographic Information (APA 6 th) Summary Description of Article I. Statement of the problem investigated (direct quote): II. Research questions or hypothesis (direct quote): III. Methodology for answering those questions (direct quote): IV. Findings (direct quote): V. Conclusions (direct quote): VI. Implications of the ideas presented in the article for future educational leaders.

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