Effective Communication


Individual assignment, Week 2.

When completed, submit in one MS WORD document.

Resource: Table 2.2 in Business Communication Essentials


Search the Internet for a video of two people talking to each other. Possible search words include conversation videoeffective communicationverbal conversationinterpersonal communicationteam meeting, and effective meeting. Provide link to video.


Evaluate two of the listening techniques  effective or inffective listener  displayed in the video. Offer paragraph responses (approximately 300 words each)


Complete Practice Your Knowledge Activity 9, titled Listening Skills: Self-Assessment at the end of Ch. 2 of text. Explain results of self assessment in a  concise paragraph.


Answer the following questions: Three separate paragraphs.


  • What steps could you take to be a more active listener?
  • How can listening help to improve your networking skills?
  • Why is networking important to your success?

All written work should be proofread and finalized before uploading.

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