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Globally students, both bright and average, are given essays to work on in the course of their scholarly journey. What is tricky to students is the fact that they have other responsibilities aside from handling their essays, for example other assignments from other tutors, extra-curriculum activities, family issues and household chores among others. Therefore, a student here needs to be sharp enough to organize his/her responsibilities accordingly. Unfortunately most students are not in a position to strike a balance between their other responsibilities and assignments. This makes it hard for them to handle essay writing and thus end up using sample essays as their own research.
Well, below are the top answers given by the students when asked about it:
1. Writing an essay paper consumes most of the time.
Students complain that essay writing consume much of their time because they have to come up with a number of sketches before finalizing and conduct research for references too.
For any essay paper to be taken seriously, it must have references, failure to do so means that the information you have given in the paper is sham. There are many varieties f references, for example magazines, interviews from individuals, newspapers, books, journals and books. Though there are many places to get references, locating the right one is hectic.
As they say, repetition is the mother of invention. Most students find it cumbersome to present ideas in an organized manner at their first attempt, therefore they resort to writing many drafts before coming up with a final one. Besides, they have to read it several times in order to ensure that the contents flow as required by the teacher.
2. Writing an essay paper will limit the time that could have been spent at other school events, family activities or peer entertainment.
Essay writing is generally time-consuming and therefore students are left with no time for their family and other school activities. Putting essay writing as your first priority automatically means that you are the second in queue.
3. Writing the essay paper itself is already a big challenge for most students because writing any paper for that matter is not in any way their forte.
Ability to put thoughts together in an organized way is a skill that is not given to everyone. There are students who find it extremely hard to do so and thus prefer verbal assignments compared to written ones. Essay papers contribute a lot to student’s grade and this explains why many scholars dread this kind of assignment.
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