Examine how we might use multiple depth cues to overcome some of the challenges we face in perceiving the 3D world.

A 1500 word limit essay (excluding references) formatted in APA style with full references and citations.

The following articles may be used as a starting point for the essay but additional references are required to be used.

Mather. G. (2009). Foundations of Perception. Psychology Press. Chapter 10: Depth perception. Braunstein, M.L. (1968). Motion and texture as sources of slant information. Journal of Experimental Psychology. 78(2). 247-253. Ernst, M.O., Banks, M.S & Bülthoff, H.H. (2000). Touch can change visual slant perception. Nature Neuroscience. 3(1). 69-73 Gibson, J.J. (1950). The perception of visual surfaces. American Journal of Psychology. 63. 367-384. Jacobs, R.A. (2002). What determines visual cue reliability? Trends in Cognitive Sciences. 6(8). 345-350.

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