Please answer the following question with at least 200 words. Can gravity act in a vacuum? Explain. Then write a comment stating that you agree or disagree or a comment improving the following statement. Disregarding air friction, describe all the forces acting on a bullet shot from a rifle into the air. First, we must describe the process of how a bullet is fired from the rifle. A bullet is actually part of the cartridge in which there is a propellant, a primer and a case to contain the items. When the cartridge is placed into a receiver of a rifle the side with the primer is facing the firing pin. When the trigger is pulled the firing pin is brought back then it is basically let go and it flies forward and strikes the primer which in turn ignites the power and then propels the bullet out the barrel of the rifle, the path of least resistance. Now for forces that act upon the bullet: According to Tillery (2009) the rifle bullet scenario is what is called a conservation of momentum. He states that before the bullet is fired the rifle and bullet has a total momentum of zero because there is no motion. But after the bullet is fired there is the bullet moving in one direction and the rifle recoiling in another. It could be said that impulse is also an acting force on a bullet. Impulse is the product of force and time of application; in this case it could be the amount of powder that changes that sends the bullet a certain distance down range. There is also gravity and friction acting upon the bullet and the rifle when it is fired.

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