Gun control policy essay

Question: You are a staff member for a congressman who is spearheading efforts to establish a reasonable alternative to current gun control laws. You have been assigned a major part of drafting a bill for introduction in the House of Representatives. Your part is to write the portion pertaining to “assault” type rifles – identical or similar to the one that was used in the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Template: You will use the following structure in writing your draft: 1. Policy – sub-title “Prohibition against importing, ownership, transportation and use of “Assault” type rifles capable of firing in semi-automatic or automatic modes.” You can fill in with any terms you want to use to clarify the policy including a “grandfather” clause providing for exemption of persons from the prohibition if they are already in possession of such rifles before enactment of the law or policy. 2. Rationale or Purpose – What is the purpose of the policy. What does it seek to promote (public safety, etc.) or prevent (mass killings of innocent children, etc.) Why would it be considered sound public policy. 3. Stakeholders – a simple enumeration of the sectors that would benefit or potentially be harmed by such policy and why reaching out to them or including them in the public debate would be essential to the drafting and implementation of the law or policy. 4. Analysis – Use the “strategic triangle” tool to analyze what you are proposing, in other words, why would the law or policy be of substantive value to the country and its population, establish the proposed law or policy’s legal ground and current political support (legal and political sustainability) and explain why and how it would work at the implementation stage (operational and administrative feasibility). Identify the agencies that will implement the law or policy, how the law or policy will be implemented and how its effectiveness can be evaluated after a year of enforcement. 5. Do Not Include – Any discussion about handguns and concealed weapons, penalty for any offenses, 2nd Amendment arguments (ignore them for purposes of writing this paper.) 6. Limitations: Six to eight pages, double-spaced, with one-inch margin on the right, your name on the first page. No limitations on sources which you can cite either on each page where it was used or on an attachment. Good luck!

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