Happiness and virtues in Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics

Your essay should be well written. Your writing is evaluated when grading your paper. Please make sure it is clear and concise, as well as on topic. Please be mindful of using quotes. They should be used to emphasize your point, not as a crutch for bad writing. All quotes should be thorough explained. It should be clear why you are quoting and why the quote is important. If your essay relies on too many quotes you will be penalized. I’ve read Plato and Aristotle; I want to read your ideas. Your goal is to answer the question using Plato and Aristotle’s work as resources to back up your thoughts. Pick a topic and write on that topic. Please indicate the topic that you have chosen on the first page of your paper. Each number represents one topic. There are four topics that you can choose from for Aristotle, two for Plato, and one the addresses both philosophers.Plato and Aristotle 1. In the Republic, Plato states that justice is what allows one to live excellently. In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle states that happiness is the ultimate goal/chief good and acquiring the virtues allows one to achieve this goal. a. Explain why justice allows one to live excellently in Plato and why acquiring the virtues will allow us to acquire happiness according to Aristotle. b. How are these two philosophers similar? Do not use external sources restrict to the use of the republican by Plato and Neomachean ethics by Aristotle. Cite quotations only from this two sources.

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