Health & Human Services Final

The chosen topic is listed below.  The outline and annotated bibliography are attached.  Can be done in either a research paper format, or in powerpoint format.


The Final Project should demonstrate an understanding of the reading assignments, class discussions, your own research and the application of new knowledge.  It should utilize previous skills developed in foundational health care courses and apply them within the context and viewpoint of  a health care administrator and their role in managing health and human services.


For the Final Project, select one of the following topics and conduct scholarly and professional research while integrating the course’s learning outcomes to address a selected topic:


  • Examine the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources.
  • Research Requirements

    Academic research and papers must meet certain standards of quality that are recognized by the academic community.  What constitutes quality academic research?

    • The use of primary (original), credible sources written by experts in the field of study.
    • Ensuring secondary sources are supported by research in primary sources.
    • Making sure all research is relevant and that material used is pertinent to the area of study.
    • In graduate work, the use of peer-reviewed journal articles (journal articles reviewed by recognized experts in the relevant field of study) is required.
    • Keep in mind that educational websites may be appropriate, in some cases, but should be evaluated carefully.

    The Ashford University Library offers many excellent databases and other resources to assist you in conducting scholarly research.

    What sources are not acceptable for academic research and referencing?

    • Encyclopedias
    • Dictionaries
    • Wikipedia, other wikis, or blogs
    • Websites and other sources that do not provide quality researched materials (e.g., they do not use credible sources to support the information in the document).

    All research must reflect professional academic protocol and must be documented according to APA standards as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

    Creating the Final Project

    You may choose to present your research is the form of an eight- to ten-page research paper (excluding title and reference pages) or a comprehensive 10- to 15-slide PowerPoint presentation (excluding title and reference slides) with detailed speaker notes.  In either case, the content of the assignment must include each of the elements listed below:


    1. Introduction

      Describe the issue.  Include why it was selected, the perspective of your approach to the issue, and the scope of the paper or presentation.  In essence, describe in this area what is being covered.  Be specific and to the point.  This is an important part of the project as it engages the reader and sets the scope of the research.

    2. Statement of the Issue to be Investigated

      Describe why the topic is a relevant problem or issue.  It is important to provide literature sources in support of the importance of the need/issue/topic.  For example, if you are interested in researching the issue of nutrition in early childhood brain development among American children – cite literature identifying the scope of the problem (for example:  the number of malnourished children, the implications of malnourishment on learning and brain development; and long term implications).  Overall, this section should detail what makes this topic or issue so important that you are spending time and energy researching it.  What is the impact of the problem if nothing is done to correct the situation?

    3. Research Sources

      This section documents the relevant research reflecting the topic of the Final Project.  In this section, paraphrased narratives of the actual research studies are reported and should represent the current research related to the topic area.  In general, your research should:

      1. Identify your chosen topic and what has happened in the specific research of the topic (describe the study, sample, findings, important points from the discussion in the research article, and any variables that may influence the findings of the research).
      2. Discuss any key elements of the topic that may be instructional, legal, ethical, social, etc. (what is projected if nothing is done? what has been tried?).  Support this section with relevant resource citations.
      3. Provide an analysis of the research articles used, including: explaining what was done in the study, what the target population was, information about who did the research (the author), what was found with the study, and any implications of the findings to your topic or issue.
    4. Conclusion

      In this section, provide a general, but thorough summary reviewing:  why the topic was selected; the problem or issue briefly stated; the approach that was used; findings; and solutions.  In this section, the reader or audience should have a good idea of what the researcher did and what was found.

    5. References

      The references should be listed on a new page or slide and must be formatted according to APA requirements as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  You must use a minimum of six to eight scholarly sources.


Financial characteristics of health care delivery

Monica Ayres

HCA 340:  Managing in Health & Human Services

Theresa O’Brien

September 14, 2015


Institution Affiliation












The topic/issue

The topic for this project will be on the financial characteristics of health care delivery along with managing costs, revenues, and human resources.

Basis for selection

It was primarily selected because of the fact that every hospital must recognize the need for financial characteristics as it is the only way through which they will improve their quality, their efficiency and further improve their processes.

The perspective of approach

The perspective of the approach will mainly be based on the six characteristics that govern health institutions (Medicine, 2005). The first characteristic is the alignment among the senior leaders, effective leadership evaluation systems, low performers should also not be tolerated, an effective leadership training program, standardization of best practices and consistent leadership.

The scope of the paper

The scope of the paper will cover the various characteristics of health care delivery and culminate with an analysis on the annotated bibliography.





The paper unraveled that it was the mandate of every health institution to embrace the various characteristics of health facilities as it is one of the most prudent ways of improving the quality and the effectiveness of the health institutions.















Annotated Bibliography

Medicine, I. O. (2005). Building a better delivery system: A new Engineering/Health care partnership. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

In this book, the basic factors that should be considered when organizing a health centre or institution are discussed in depth including the various characteristics that should be considered in healthcare partnerships. It is a good publication that provided useful information on the subject.

Medicine, I. O. (2011). Engineering a learning Healthcare system: A look at the future: Workshop summary. Washington, DC: National Academies Press.

In this publication, similar assertions are given regarding the subject but the author takes an approach that is more inclined towards engineering. This consequently provided an in-depth coverage on the characteristics that are involved in health care delivery and further provided useful information for this study.

Paterson, M. A. (2014). Healthcare finance and financial management: Essentials for advanced practice nurses and interdisciplinary care teams. New York, NY: DEStech Publications, Inc.

Paterson (2014) in this publication provided a useful insight on financial management in health sector. This publication equipped us with information on the essentials of financial health management that further provided a direction on the various characteristics that should be followed during the delivery of health care. His vast experience in the health sector and more so in matters of finance in the same sector made his research on this subject top-notch and consequently very useful in this project.

Ubokudom, S. (2012). United States health care Policymaking: Ideological, social and cultural differences and major influences. New York, NY: Springer Science & Business Media.

In this publication (Ubokudom) in this publication discusses the various policies that drive the health sector in the United States. He primarily focuses on the social and cultural differences and this is the main gap in the research since it leaves out the basic characteristics that drive the health care delivery.

Winston, W., & Vitberg, A. K. (2014). Marketing health care into the Twenty-First century: The changing dynamic. New York, NY: Routledge.

Vitberg and Winston (2014) provide an insight into the changing dynamics of health care in the 21st century. This insight provided useful information on the various characteristics that govern the delivery of health care. It was integral in this project as it provided critical information that was needed in this research.


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