How the Iraq War Redefined the Role of a Combat Engineer

Task: Conduct an EN battlefield functions assessment of a U.S. Army action or named operation (2001 – 2012) focusing on US Army Engineer battlefield functions (mobility, counter-mobility, survivability, general engineering, & geospatial engineering) Condition: Given unlimited historical references, research, computer access for composition, 12 size, Times New Roman font, Microsoft Word document, grading criteria, citing at least two references, and written in APA format. (No abstract required) Standards: Students will write a collegiate level, 1000 word essay (+/- 5%), scoring above 69 points. Title page template included. USE IT. EN BATTLEFIELD FUNCTIONS ASSESSMENT ESSAY 1. Define the Subject and Evaluate the Sources 10pts Total a. Define the Action to be Analyzed (Where, When, Who) b. Research Sources (First-Hand Accounts, Books, Articles, Photos, Videos) c. Evaluate Sources for Content and Bias 2. Set the Stage (Long and Short-Term Contexts/Shaping Actions) 25pts Total a. Strategic/Operational Overview – 5pts b. Study the Area of Operations – 5pts i. Weather ii. Terrain c. Compare the Principle Antagonists (Host Nation) – 10pts i. Size and Composition ii. Technology iii. Doctrine and Training iv. Logistical Systems v. Intelligence vi. Condition and Morale vii. Command, Control, and Communications viii. Leadership d. State the Missions and Describe Initial Disposition of Opposing (Host Nation) Forces – 5pts 3. Describe the Action (Answer the “How” Question) 25pts Total a. Describe the Opening Moves of the Action – 10pts b. Detail the Major Phases/Key Events – 10pts c. State the Outcome of the Action – 5pts 4. Assess the Significance of the Action (Answer the “Why” Question) 40pts Total a. Relate Causes to Effects (Key Decision Points) – 20pts b. Establish Military “Lessons Learned” – 20pts i. Principles of War (FM 3-0) ii. Engineer Battlefield Functions (FM 3-34) Grading Standards ≥ 90 = Superior, 89 – 70 = Satisfactory, ≤ 69 = Unsatisfactory All grammatical errors and misspellings will incur a 1pt loss off the total score. *This battle analysis will be reflected on your Academic Evaluation Report (DA 1059) from EBOLC* Additional Guidance • Do not write in outline format, essay format (APA) only. Improper formatting will incur an automatic 10 point deduction from the essay. o Do not construct an abstract for this paper. APA format does use an abstract, we will not for this essay. • Use Welcome to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) ( to reference proper English composition and APA formatting • Do not write in conversational English • Use the Truman Education Center to assist in proof reading your paper. • Essay length o 1000 word +/- 5% is satisfactory o 1000 word +/- 5 – 15% is satisfactory, however the essay will incur 10 point deduction o 1000 word > +/- 15% is unsatisfactory

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