How to inject insulin with a syringe and a Flexpen

Final Project Instructions: Select a health-related topic of your choice. Create/develop a \”tool\” for patient education on that topic. This could potentially be something you can implement at work, with a family member/friend, or in the future as a healthcare provider. Apply strategies for effective patient education/compliance discussed in this course. Include a 3-5 page (double spaced) summary that describes how you applied the information to your project. Text Book: Falvo, D.R. (2011). Effective patient education: A guide to increased adherence. 4th ed. Sudbury , MA : Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc. IBSN-13: 9780763766252. Note: My tool is going to be a pamphlet that is going to have pictures and writing instructions about how to inject insulin with a syringe and a flexpen. I need to to support my choice and explain how patients will receive/view the tool.

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