Immunology Report

The report: Immunotherapies.
The report is to be up to 2,500 words in length, excluding references (no less than 2,000). Put the word count on the Title page. No listed word count, or exceeding the limit, will lose a mark.
The style is relatively flexible, but should contain such divisions as a Title page, table of contents, introductory paragraph, various sections describing your findings, a concluding paragraph and bibliography. Figures are welcome, but if they are not your own, must be referenced.
The report must include references from the primary literature (e.g. PubMed). References must be cited correctly in-text and listed at the end of the report, using any standard referencing style. Example below.
1 Drickamer, K. (1999) C-type lectin-like domains. Curr. Opin. Struct. Biol. 9, 585–590
2 Figdor, C.G., van Kooyk, Y. and Adema, G.J. (2002) C-type lectin receptors on dendritic cells and Langerhans cells. Nat. Rev. Immunol. 2, 77–84
3 Gantner, B.N., Simmons, R.M., Canavera, S.J., Akira, S. and Underhill, D.M. (2003) Collaborative induction of inflammatory responses by dectin-1 and Toll-like receptor 2. J. Exp. Med. 197, 1107–1117
The report should begin with a section that summarises the general field of immunotherapy. This will comprise the first half of the report. The next part of the report must include two specific examples of where immunotherapies have been applied to assist in the treatment of a medical condition. The condition does not need to be the same for each example. The examples should be reviewed in some detail, with literature cited where appropriate. Multiple citations should be given- this section is not to be a review of a single article for each approach. Also, the treatment can be either in current use, or experimental (in which case you may detail research using animal models). The report will be marked on how well you demonstrate an understanding of the immunological principles involved.
You can choose any target condition you wish; examples may be cancer, autoimmune disease, infectious disease, transplantation etc. Remember that, in the lectures to come, you will hear about several techniques that may be applied to your task.

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