In those between the ages of 18-25 with acne, are oral drugs more effective in reducing breakouts than creams?

Step 3 – Based on the articles in the annotated bibliography and any other articles retrieved students will write a narrative review of their research topic. This review must follow AMA format. Due November 13th.
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20% – Clarity of the question and search strategy.
20% – Adherence to AMA style.
20% – Relevance of the articles selected for the bibliography and review (based on date and type).
10% – Clarity of the writing, and lack of mistakes in grammar, punctuation and usage in the narrative review
30% – The critical thinking and analysis exhibited in the review paper.

5% of the grade will be deducted for any part of the assignment handed in late.

Students who copy or plagiarize any part of this assignment will receive a zero.

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