Informative Speech about Marijuana

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Find out everything you can on a subject that interests you, and organize it into a presentation of 7-10 minutes. This speech differs from the Cultural Artifact speech in that it should not have a lot of personal narrative or self-reference. Research should go further than your own knowledge base. Find out something you didn’t previously know, and document the research with a bibliography at the end of your outline. Your score will be based on your research, your organization of the material, and the liveliness of your delivery, i.e. how engaged you are with your material and your audience.
One caution (which I will discuss in class): Some of the topics on the list verge on the controversial. Don’t prepare to argue for or against any particular side of an issue. This is about giving information. We’ll talk in class about avoiding bias.
Please also make a very good outline as I am not gonna turn in the essay, what I am gonna turn in is the outline, and I will deliver the speech.

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