Java Eclipse Programming questions

Write a program with boolean variables to assign the values of the following boolean expressions.


• AGer each assignment statement, output the value of the boolean variable with the proper legend.

For example the output of the first expression “The value of the boolean expression i between 10 and 20 is “ true

1. “i is between 10 and 20”

2. “i is equal to 5 or 10”

3. “i is not equal to 4”

4. “A is for scores of 90 or above”

5. “ a is not equal to c and a is not equal to b”

6. “i equal to 1 and J greater than 2”

7. “x and either y or z”



So i reached to number 6 and i lost it i got confused, i would apreciate the right answer. i attached the screenshot of my work. Tell me where did i go wrong and what is the right answer?

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