Major Research Paper

For this major research paper, you will prepare an 18-to-25-page research paper that includes a literature review, analysis, and conclusions based on the review. You may write, for example, an analysis of problems or ways to improve performance in an organization or industry using theories and concepts in an OD analysis of a social or organizational issue such as diversity, or a study of a topic in OD such as developing a high-performance organization.
Make sure the paper is critical/analytical. Do not pick a topic that is merely descriptive, such as a historical overview of some law (e.g., The Equal Pay Act) or movement. While some descriptive overview may be necessary, use that ONLY as a necessity to fulfill the purpose of critiquing and analyzing the topic.
I need to note a word of caution about selecting your topic. WRITE AN OBJECTIVE PAPER! DO NOT write a term paper (or give me a proposal) in which you have a foregone conclusion which you are going to prove in your paper. For example, let’s say you are going to write a paper on the topic of affirmative action. You do some literature review and decide you are going to write a paper on, “The Failure of Affirmative Action Programs and Policies to Advance Diversity in the Workplace”. I would not consider this paper to be “objective” – you have a foregone conclusion (“Failure”) in which you are going to “prove” your thesis. To be more objective, you would want to objectively examine “the effects of affirmative action programs and policies in advancing diversity in the workplace”.
You should be researching, on average, 2 sources per page. Thus, you should have researched at least 36 sources for a 18 page paper by its completion. While you may have researched at least 30 sources, you may use less in your citations and references (that is because you may end up using fewer sources in your paper than you researched). I suggest you have at least 18 authoritative sources in your final reference page.

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