Market Research Report (400-500 words with at least two images/charts) APA FORMAT

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Market Research Report (400-500 words with at least two images/charts) APA FORMAT
Use the following link to obtain infromation on CanGO and there business.
Then compile a report as a consultant for a company to present to CanGO. Your focus on this report is Market Resarch. Market research and analysis on the state of the online shopping and gaming market: Size of market, demographics, market trends, potential , etc. remember to include images.
Report is formatted using this Rubric document as a guide for content and sections. Tone addresses the CanGo board directly and professionally. Core paper length 400-500 words (no limits on appendices for Gantt charts, financial analyses, supporting documentation. MUST USE AT LEAST 2 IMAGES.) Report is APA-compliant with accurate in-text citations supporting full citations on the reference page. Report contains no spelling, grammar, typographical or formatting errors; all links functional, graphics and charts are clear and legible. Writing quality is excellent – clear, organized and professional.

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