Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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Detail the steps in implementing, integrating, testing, evaluating Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Also identify questions to be answered in the research. Why is Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 important, what are the benefits and limitations?
Prepare a Microsoft Exchange Server 201 “evaluation plan”. That means your proposal must include a breakdown of the features/functions and a plan for how YOU will test and evaluate each feature/function. (Benchmarking, performance testing for example) You will need to include in your proposal the evaluation criteria for each feature/function in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.
Evaluate the hands-on, real differences between the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010. Also, what improvements would you make to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010?
Must design and implement an evaluation plan that includes:
1.) List of functions (with descriptions) to be evaluated
2.) Test plan for each function
3.) Set of evaluation criteria for each function evaluated
4.) Summary of anticipated results for each function evaluated
The evaluation plan must be included in your individual proposal.
Function Function Description Test Plan Evaluation Criteria Results
Title Page (Title, course number, name)
Table of Contents
Table of Figures
Executive Summary (1-2 pages)
BODY of the paper (8-10 pages)
Section Headings
Appendix including:
• Bibliography – texts and white papers (at least 10 sources) 3 text books:
o Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Administration Instant Reference By: St. Cyr, Ken
o Microsoft & Exchange Server 2010 Inside Out By: Redmond, Tony
o Microsoft & Exchange Server 2010 Best Practices (Best Practices (Microsoft)) By: Jagott, Siegfried
• Web Site Resource Summary – URL, Site name, content summary, company or org.
• Glossary of Terms (minimum 12 terms defined related to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010)
End Notes
Margins – Top/Bottom 1" Left/Right 1.25
Numbered Pages
Figures Numbered
Header – Research Topic Title
Footer – page, course # and name
Diagrams (5 minimum), tables (3 minimum) and Figures Numbered
12pt Times New Roman or Garamond font
Double spaced
APA format
90% of paper must be absent of quotes.

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