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writing about technology,legal and environmental of Singapore 2025.

with in-text citation and references.

around 3/4 page long..


If you want these suggestion:

2.4.  Technology

–       Increase in Automation

–       Self-help system (restaurant, supermart)

–       Internet connectivity

–       Opening of “3D Printing Hub in Singapore” (find out more)

2.5.  Legal

–       Carbon Emission Tax (CEVS)

–       Speed Limit of vehicles

–       Road traffic act

–       Overseas legal institution restricted against bar

2.6.  Environment

–       Promote greener environment

–       Environment more stable compare to other country (e.g no four season, no natural disaster)

–       Land sacristy

–       Ministry of Environment commenting on haze

–       Reclaim land

–       ISO 14001 for Green Environment


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