Non-Plagiarized Essay

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Creativity is paramount to better grades in essay writing, dissertation, research papers, term papers, and many more.
Plagiarism involves duplicating or reproducing the work of another person. With the presence of free internet services, it is obvious that students will go for such information when handling their assignments. Therefore, instructors must be on the look out to ensure that the work of students is hundred percent original.
There are now a number of ways that teachers or professors do to assess the level of originality of their students’ papers:
1. Using some websites to assess the papers
There are websites that have specialized in plagiarism detection. Once a teacher is registered as a member of this site, he/she gets unlimited access to their services. During this time the teacher can upload student’s work and check for plagiarism. With just a click of a button, the instructor is able to check the percentage of plagiarism, the precise sections copied and the site that was copied from. The most reliable and mostly used site is
2. Downloading the plagiarism detection programs
Plagiarism detection software are available at the market, educators are at liberty to purchase their own. An instructor who owns such kind of software can check for plagiarism at the comfort of his living room. The best example is Eve2 which is cost-effective, it goes for $ 30.
3. Checking the papers manually
Keen instructors are always able to evaluate duplicated work from original ones. This can easily be done by looking at references, quotations, bibliography and assessing the quality of students’ work.
In addition, the experience they have gained as teachers is paramount in differentiating copied work from non-plagiarized one. They can easily identify signs of plagiarism e.g papers which cited information but did not give the original source. Alternatively,they can pick non-plagirized essays by looking at the existence or non-existence of citations and unshakably handing in quality papers.
Duplicating other people’s work is an indicator of improper research and its punishable by law. Therefore, it is imperative to steadily work on your paper and hand in non- plagiarized work.
Below are the things that will make you regret plagiarizing:
1. Receive failing marks
Plagiarism is a very thorny issue and students should be aware of the repercussions before attempting to commit this crime. In the vent that you are caught by your instructor with duplicated essay, you are presented with the option of revising it or you automatically fail in that paper.
2. Fines or incarceration
In some instances, plagiarizing leads to enormous compensation to the affected individual/company and further action can lead to imprisonment for a specific period. Either of these actions can eternally spoil your name and reputation because you are not only cheating on your paper but also trying to take ownership of another person’s work.
Presenting non-plagiarized work is not an option and by doing so, you are not only sparing your reputation but also saving money, effort, and time.
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