Nursing and Legal Issues

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You are to answer the four questions below and submit your response via EASTS. Information regarding the general format of the report will be posted to Interact2. Your assessment must answer all four questions relating to the case study. It is imperative that your answers are supported by appropriate references. Prior to preparing your assessment, ensure you read the marking rubric as this will provide you with information regarding expectations for presentation, referencing and content.
A young woman with severe pneumonia was admitted to hospital. Her condition was very serious and she was intubated and placed on a ventilator. Twenty-four hours later, her condition was improving and she was expected to make a full recovery however she still required frequent oro-pharyngeal suctioning to remove large amounts of secretions. The next day, the patient experienced a serious decline in respiratory status. She unfortunately suffered a cardiac arrest and died. A coronial inquest was held to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death. At the inquest, the patient’s health care records were closely and carefully scrutinised. Of particular interest were the nursing records. Although the nursing records contained frequent entries stating, among other things, that the patient had been suctioned every 2 hours to remove copious amounts of thick, pale yellow secretions, during the 8 hours prior to the patients cardiac arrest, there was no documentation recorded in the patient’s records that oro-pharyngeal suctioning had taken place.
• Discuss the specific legislative framework that governs nursing practice in this area and explain how it impacts on the above case?
• Discuss the specific nursing policy that governs nursing practice in relation to documentation of nursing care and explain how it impacts on the above case.
• What professional standards relate to and guide nursing practice in relation to this case study?
• What are the possible disciplinary proceedings/implications for nursing staff following this coronial inquiry?
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