Organic Structures Shapes and Isomerism Part 2

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Organic Structures Shapes and Isomerism Part 2
Organic Structures Shapes and Isomerism Part 2
Lab Report Assistant
Thisdocumentisnotmeanttobeasubstitute foraformallaboratoryreport.TheLabReport Assistantissimplyasummaryoftheexperiment’squestions, diagramsifneeded,anddatatables thatshouldbeaddressedinaformallabreport.Theintentistofacilitatestudents’writing oflab reports by providing this informationin an editable filewhich can be sent to an instructor.
Part I Section1
A. Wouldthestructuresyouhaveproducedinstep1beconsideredisomersofoneanother? Explain thebasis foryouranswer.
B. Whatarethebond angles and molecular geometryaroundthecarbonatoms?
Part I Section2
A. Is this possible with thedouble bond? Describewhatyousee.
B. Whatis thebond angle and molecular geometryaroundthe2middle carbonatoms?
Part I Section3
A. Whatarethebond angles and molecular geometryaroundthedouble bonded carbons?
B. Canyourcis-2-butenemodelbeconvertedintothetrans-2-butenemodelwithoutbreaking bonds?
C. The cis- and trans-2-butenesarecalledgeometricisomers.Whyaretheygiventhis name?
D. Definethetermstructuralisomer(seeOrganicStructuresPart1)andexplainhowitdifes
froma geometricisomer.
Part I Challenge Questions(required)
Indicate whethereachof the following compound pairs are geometric isomers, structural isomers, or not isomers atall. Writethenamesforthecompoundsunder each formula.
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