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Confidential Rule

The main challenge students’ face is the provision of personal information when dealing with academic writing companies. Best Mate Essays is an academic writing company and it fully owns subsidiary of Platinum Freelance limited and it has invested enough to make sure that the customer information is kept safe from the third party.

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The Best Mate Essays handle the personal information once the customer visits the company up to the storage of the registration information. www.bestmateessays.com is located in the United Kingdom and United State and it makes sure it has complied with the legal necessities particularly data protection act of 1998 which states about the information collected from the website. Platinum Freelance limited which is incorporate with the Manchester and New York which its number 99201/78 with head offices at 37 street Manchester. The Company complies with requirements of TRUSTe initiative and this is evidenced by being given a privacy seal which is found in the confirmation part on the website in the link known as TRUSTe seal. If a client feels that the privacy policy and data usage is mishandled they are encouraged to contact TRUSTe.

Site Visitors

During registration with Best Mate Essays company customer is supposed to give out valid email address, name, physical address, debit or credit card numbers with their expiry date and telephone number. When making an order, the company requires a client to give the order description and the expected time of submission. In addition, the company collects information about when the customers’ contacts customer care desk to know about the services given, give feedback and present problems. However the site collects information such as IP addresses from all clients who visits the site automatically. Part 4 explains more on the information collect by the company.

Best Mate Essays Use of Information

www.bestmateessays.com treats the data collected with a lot of privacy. They don’t share any data with other company until the customer presents the data for the reasons below;

  • Improving the website
  • To deal with clients complains and order explanation
  • Records keeping
  • To be in touch with the client
  • To updating the clients about any change in the site.

At times, a company can use data collected to inform the clients what the third party is interested with from the company and this is done through email address, telephone or postal address. All the communication is done to registered members through email or mobile is mainly about the past orders. The third party data can only be shared to the third party clients who have the contract with the company. If the client wishes to share the information to the third party for the reasons of marketing, one should tick a box in the agreement form during the registration. Once a client feels he should not share more information to a third party, client should contact the company through this mail support@www.bestmateessays.com. The company provides security to the personal detail so that the third party will not know about the company’s customers. The third party can only be helped by the company to identify individuals over 28 years who visits the site or meet a target of a certain part of market for the women living in England. Best Mate Essays have entered into contract with third party and this helps in the service delivery and the shared personal details can be shared among the company. By this, the third party will be able to sell itself to their targeted market. During the delivery of the product, the company shares the personal details. The personal details used to the other company should only be used for the intended purpose and if the company uses details for other reasons, the legal action is taken against that company. Our clients should be confident as they provide personal details because the company will only share those details for the intended purpose as explained in section seven. Best Mate Essayspaper.com do not share data collected to a third party unless the company is allowed by the law but in some circumstances requested by the government and when the client is at danger, the data can be shared.

User Access and option

Clients are a liberty to edit their profile if there are changes to make. Also if a client is not comfortable with the service provided by the company, client can delete the whole profile or  email or telephone the customer help desk as long as it shows how you want the profile to look. The company will retain the information given and use with the third part agreements, solve the difference and adhere to law as long as the account is active.

 IP Addresses

Best Mate Essays paper has advanced servers to gather information for all visitors mechanically. For instance IP address, the kind of browser and operating system used by the client helps in advertising. The information collected does not show the personal details of a visitor but only collects statistical data.


Cookies are text files used in website to indentify a computer. They only show the computer used without any personal identity. Cookies are only for identifying a certain computer, where it has visited and for how long. A client can choose to accept or reject the cookies. By not accepting the cookie it shows that the client will not receive personalized services and www.bestmateessays.com uses both constant and session cookies. Customers’ record is kept on the website through a session cookie while persistent cookies remain active for a long time even when the browsing is ended.

Party Tracking Technologies

The cookies used by our partners, affiliates and other service provider who aid in the provision of services to our clients and Best Mate Essays is not covered by our privacy policy. The use of ID and persistent cookies are used by our affiliates and partners are designed to allow our clients use the shopping cart and find the way through the website easily. The third party who visits the site uses web beacons, scripts web bugs, and images so that they can run their content on the site however they don’t have access to information that hold  them accountable hence they can only access the standard information.

Behavior Targeting and Re-targeting

A strong business network has been established by Best Mate Essays and its through them that we market our products on their sites and they too, market theirs on our site. Quality information about our clients activities on other websites has been collected by Best Mate Essays with the help of beacons and cookies.  This helps in shading light on target marketing activities based on identified customer interest. Our customers have a choice on

what to receive as adverts, this is possible by going to a  text box available in our information usage agreement forms.  Nonetheless, our customers will continue receiving

a broad-spectrum of advertisements but  customer care is always available for anyone who wish to receive specific advert or discontinue it.  Advertisements are published on the site by Best Mate Essays with the aid of Google Ad sense and cookie option allows the client to view adverts of his or her own area of interest. In this case, Google privacy provides options for receiving and discontinuing the adverts.

Security and Storage of Data

Locality determines whether or not Best Mate Essays will keep the information gathered from our clients. Normally they have absolute right to any information gathered outside the European economic area. In order to attend to our clients efficiently, our partner’s and associate’s staff are allowed to handle the information. Before clients give out their data they have to agree to the transfer and storage location plus the handling of data by the partners and affiliates. On the other hand, the company does what it takes to ensure the security of data in accordance with the company private policy. Customers are also reminded that the company cannot account to data given directly to our freelance writers, which may include topic or deadline of the order, uploaded material and any payment made to the writers directly. Even though some customers can access sensitive areas of the site, they ensure that their log in material is safe by not sharing the details with anyone and incase of any suspicion on the site they are advised to report the matter immediately.

Transfers to Third Parties

Personal information collected from our customers will automatically transfer to a third party in the event that Best Mate Essays is sold.  In such a case, all the customers will be updated through their email address and also any other changes in the management. Any change in regard to data usage will also be availed to them through emails and our website.


Where data is handled through internet its quite a challenge to ensure full security of data, to minimize on this Best Mate Essays has acquired the latest technology to protect its customers. Customers too are always advised to protect their data whenever email or online system is involved.

Links Disclaimer      

To ensure diversity Best Mate Essays provides other links to its customers, however this does not express their opinion. Customers therefore are advised to read and understand their terms and conditions before providing any information to them because the company will not account for any data mishandled. Customers are free to make use social media services available in our website on condition that they read and understand their term and conditions.

Prohibited Disclosures

Administrators are allowed to use information obtained from this article solely in their line of duty and it should not be made public. Unless the administrator is part of the court proceeding the information cannot be used in a court of law. The information can only be provided to other parties to resolve allegations and the administrator have the authority to give information to the individuals affected by the decision arrived at with the use of the information.

Changes to Privacy Policy and Future Developments

To ensure quality service, change is unavoidable. This means that policies are continuously changed and therefore customers are advised to keep updating themselves by visiting the page. Whenever the company makes important changes it will always post it in the company’s website and sent to all customers through their email.

Uses of Samples for Quality Assurance Policy

Customers can always apply for a sample academic paper from the writer who has been assigned their order at a cost.  Nonetheless, they do not have the freedom of presenting these samples as their own as well as sharing it out.  This ensures that the companies protect the customer’s extract from possible exploitation from third parties.