Public Administration

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1. What is your general topic or what problem area are you interested in? Ethics in business.
2. What central question are you trying to answer about your topic? I am trying to answer the question on what is the importance of ethics in business.
3. My problem statement is….? My problem statement will be on how do businesses ensure that they adhere to high ethical standards in carrying out their day to day business.
4. The major question this research will answer is…? How do businesses ensure that their employees interact with customers and other stakeholders in a manner that upholds the ethical standards of the organization?
5. The type of information to be collected (if quantitative, names of variables)? In carrying out this research, I will collect quantitative as well as qualitative information on this topic from the students surveyed.
6. Methods of collecting information on project activities, (if survey or interviews, name of briefly described respondents and sampling plan). I mainly will use questionnaires to get my information and data.
7. Outcomes you hope to achieve? I hope to get the required data, analyze it and conclude whether or not my hypothesis has been satisfied.
Please make sure that you have applied all those ((requirements))!
* Requirements for a passing grade that you must follow :
1- Assignments instructions has been followed
2- Adequate attempt at referencing
3- Adequate written expression
4- Satisfactory interoperation of course martial (lecture notes and readings)
5- Satisfactory attempt to present a sociological argument
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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