From Module (5), you will have this question:

  • “Seawater salinity and temperature is the same all over the Earth.” Is this statement true or false? In your answer discuss the processes affect both seawater salinity and temperature. Then, explain salinity and temperature profiles with depth in the ocean and how they differ from surface salinity and temperature. Use complete sentences and specific examples from your learning.

From Module (6), you will have this question:

  • What is a hurricane? What factors increase the intensity of a hurricane? What are the effects of hurricanes on shore? Describe the characteristics of hurricanes that cause fatalities, injuries and destruction to human property. Then, list and describe at least four factors that contributed to the devastation of southern Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Include both natural and man-made causes in your description. Use complete sentences and specific examples from your learning.


Short answer questions MUST be answered in complete sentences and your own words. Your answer should be 5-10 sentences in lengthYou will receive a zero for copied answers or answers that are not grammatically correct.Your answer to short answer questions should fully demonstrate your knowledge of concepts from the modules.


Chapter 5 & 6

Textbook: Essentials of Oceanography, 11th edition, Alan P trujillo & Haarold V Thurman


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