Research Paper- We Were Soldiers/The battle of Ia Drang

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The aim of your paper should be to compare how a particular historical episode or person is portrayed in a feature film with how historians have interpreted that episode or person (appearance, words, actions, context): In short, how historically accurate or otherwise is the film?
Film- We Were Soldiers
Real life event- The Battle of Ia Drang
– The paper should be about 3,000 words (approximately 12 pages double spaced text) excluding notes and bibliography.
– The paper must include footnote citations in Chicago style (penalty for incorrect citations 10%) and an alphabetical bibliography (10% penalty for absence of bibliography, 5% penalty for non-alphabetical bibliography). At least four secondary sources must be consulted (10% penalty for using fewer sources).
– A late penalty of 5% per day, every day, applies unless an extension has been granted. Late papers may be submitted electronically.
– Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and only if the persons concerned approach the instructor at least a week in advance.
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