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Describe two database featuresnew to Oracle Database 12c that you’veencounteredsofar in theclass.
Redaction Policy:
This is amongst thetopfeatures throughout Oracle 12C. DataRedaction means data masking. One can set up a Files Redaction policy, forinstance, SSN field in an Employee table may be masked. This is termed as redaction. From SQL Develop one can dothis by going to thetable: Employee->Right justclick Security Policy->click on New->click on Redaction Policy->Enter SSN. Once youdoa choose * from an employee, it will showthatthis SSN is masked(Greenwald, Stackowiak& Stern, 2013).

Top N Query and Fetch as well as offset Replacement to Rownum:
With theintroduction of Oracle Database 12c, there was an introduction of thenew SQL syntax that makesthingseasier by fetchingtheforemostfewrows. Thisnew SQL syntax “Fetch foremost Y Rows only” can be use

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