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It is very important for any student to access a sample paper or examples of essay paper before writing one. This helps the student to learn the requirements in terms of outline, citation, how and what to write, and many more. The possibility of student gaining high marks is almost certain because they avoid loopholes made by former students. In spite of the benefits that students get from using samples, a number of beliefs against its use have emerged, for example:
1. Sample essay will result to lazy students because the students will just copy or imitate what is in the sample essay.
Whoever came up with this idea is misplaced. On the contrary, students get to perform very well because they learn from the mistakes of other writers. Therefore, while developing theirs they avoid making the same errors, which means higher marks. They also get confidence that they too can work on a certain topic after seeing that what their former writers presented are not unique. What’s more important is the organization and presentation of your work.
2. Sample essay will just encourage students not to think anymore because the ideas are already presented in the sample.
No wise student would want to present a replica of the sample, so this notion is not true. Having read a sample, students would want to go deeper and fill the gaps of the former writer which is very important. The students can choose to argue against or add value to the previous writer’s work thus giving the reader a new content. By doing so students are stimulated to think further.
3. Sample essay gives all the resources or references thus the students will just use the same resources and idea of resourcefulness is not put to good use.
This is not true because the act of searching for a good sample essay itself is a sign of creativity and wits. It is cumbersome to get quality sample essay, which a student can use for her/his topic.
Also, students will be in a position to evaluate and distinguish the information presented in the essay examples and decide whether it’s of any use to them in relation to their topics. In regard to references, they will check the dates of the references in order to find out if they are updated and then try to find out if there are latest versions.
In a nutshell, all these beliefs are baseless, because there is no documented evidence to support these arguments. Therefore, samples are very useful to students because it is through it that they learn components of a good essay.
We had uttered above that it is cumbersome to find a good sample essay which is non-plagiarized. Students go extra mile in locating the right sample paper in both libraries and websites. Searching for one is hectic and this explains why at some point students are reluctant to get samples and thus some decide to do it their way without anything to refer to.
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