Terms of Use

Best Mate Essays Terms of Use

1.1 What are the terms of use and what do they apply to?
www.bestmateessays.com has many requisites and these are in most cases directed to their website. It includes, among others, getting an entry into their site, making an order and browsing on the Site. A customer therefore is advised to read and understand the rules and conditions so that one gets to identify with their rights and requirements when using the Site. We emphasis on the following clauses; clause 13 sheds light on Disclaimer of Liability, clause 10 which deals with plagiarism, clause 9 which handles use of product, and clause 8 which guides you on the use of Site. Customers are appealed to have a print out of these clauses for future reference if need be.

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1.2 What other documents should I refer to when reading these terms of use?
The following too make up our terms of use:
1. Our Privacy Policy;
2. Our FAQ page, which outlines in-depth information about our services;
3. About Us, that’s the description of our site
4. Guarantees, which stipulates our pledges to you and our policy on revision
The documents outlined above, 1-4, and the terms of use can jointly be referred to as “these Terms”. It is therefore the duty of a customer to read carefully these Terms before using the Site, making an order or any payment for the products.
1.3 What are the consequences of accessing and using the Site?
Whenever an individual gets an entry into and use the site, he or she is automatically bound by these Terms. Use of Site includes placing an order or making payment for certain products or services. You are advised not to use the site if you do not accept any of these Terms.
1.4 How are changes made to these Terms?
In regard to these Terms, change is inevitable because the company continues to grow. Therefore, changes are made from time to time because of the following reasons: first, if we have new services for our clients, second, if we change the current services and thirdly because of security, regulatory or lawful reasons. Any changes made by our company must be posted to the Site, and for that reason clients should visit the site frequently to update themselves.
Our Site is availed by a company governed by the laws of England and New York with company number (the “company”, “our”, “we”or “us”). Whenever “you” or “your” is used in reference to these Terms, means that you as a caller or registered user of the Site.
1. How the Site functions is well stated on the Site at About Our Site.
2. All services offered presently via the Site are listed here.
3. The company has the right to change how the site work, pull out any features of the Site and alter the services from time to time without prior notice to the client.
4. One is required to sign a contract before making an order, making any payment for a product, and using the site.
1. You are required to fill and submit our standard online order form for you to make or preview an order (an “Order” ).
2. State in your Order the extent of work and other necessities that you have in regard to an original paper, essay and other written product to be outlined and delivered to you in line with your Order (a “Product”).
3. It is required of you to register with the site when placing or previewing an Order. This means that you submit the following information on our standard online registration form:
a) Personal details (for example your name, country of residence, telephone number, email address and payment details).
b) Details on your provisions (for example services required , the academic level, citation style, details on the type of paper needed, subject/discipline, and any other requirements needed.
4. You have a right to alter the information that you submitted on registration except for your email address. All you need to do is access the Edit Profile option and go ahead with your changes.
Visit our Privacy Policy option to check on how we gather, use, and keep your Registration Information, personal data and payment details.
a) You are required to provide your name and email address during registration, either of this will be your username for the site, and then select a password. (“account information”).
b) Your account information must be known to you only and should not be revealed to any other person for security reasons.
c) You in charge of all actions and Orders related to your account. In case of any malicious action detected, you should edit your profile or contact us using any means given here.
d) The company has the right to change your password in case of security issues. In the event that this happens, you will be informed via email sent to your email address given during registration.
e) In the event that you forget your password, you can always reset by clicking here. Ensure security when changing your password.
a) When a person makes an order, he/she expresses the wish to buy a product from our company. The product will be availed only when the payment has been approved.
b) Payment for any product must be done in advance hence no product will be given until its cost is met fully. The Pricing section of the Site clearly explains about the product fee (“Service Fee”).
c) Kindly check our FAQs for more details on price cuts and additional benefit programs.
a) A client has the right of entry into the site for personal use.
b) Any illegal use of any part of site is prohibited, for example:
I. Circulating any illicit, insulting, slanderous, harmful, distressing, intimidating, obscene material and anything contrary to the law;
II. Spreading material that promote behavior that add up to a criminal offence, or violate the laws, directives or code of conduct/ practice;
III. Disturbing any other clients’ use of the site or;
IV. Producing, broadcasting, or keeping electronic information protected by copyright without the consent of the owner.
c) A client will be answerable to losses and any charges arising from the violation of any of the stipulations of these Terms.
d) Any client accessing the Site from any other place other than United Kingdom is free to do so but is bound by the local law.
e) The company reserves the right to end your access to the Site on Violation of any of these Terms.
f) The company can defer your use of the Site anytime they feel you are a threat to the lawful operation of the site as well as affecting negatively the functions of other clients. You will not be able to access our services as investigation continues.
Tendering an Order or payment for a product /service, means that you accept and that:
a) The product you are buying is for personal use
b) Proper citation of thoughts acquired from any product is mandatory;
c) All products are offered exclusively as examples for reference, research, and to shed light on what it entails to come up with quality paper and the appropriate citation style. (Either APA, Chicago, MLA, Harvard etc).
d) Our products are obtained from freelancers and its mandatory that they transfer all rights and ownership to the company, its associates and partners;
e) The company always gets compensation for any service rendered to clients. The service fee charged mirrors the time consumed and the hardwork towards assembling, systematizing, making adjustments, editing, and the management, safeguarding, and marketing of this Site.
f) Unless you obtain the written approval of the company, no one should duplicate, broadcast, issue, print, alter, exhibit the products of this Site; and;
g) Our products should be shredded immediately you are done with your research or on the conclusion of reference use of material. Neither reproduction should be made nor use of product without proper citation.
Offering an Order or payment for a product /service, means you accept and consent that:
a) We have the right to terminate a contract in the event that an individual hands over any product as their original work. Any product from our company should not be handed over or issued to any other person for monetary purpose or for other reasons. In the event that we suspect that you are using our services contrary to our Terms, i.e. issuing it out or plagiarizing in any way, the company has the right to stop your ongoing project or decline to offer services to you.
b) Our products may not bear the name of the client, this is because any product that we distribute to the client is meant for reference or research only. Issues of plagiarism or any cases of fraud is strictly looked into by the company and at no point will we allow our customers to do plagiarism or disobey copyright laws. We therefore act as a role model to our clients by observing all copyright laws as stipulated by the local law. The client should consent that any written work given out by us is meant to guide you when developing your own work and it is mandatory that any piece of work or thoughts derived from our sample should be correctly cited and credited as the work of this Site.

c) In the event that a client uses any information obtained from our site unlawfully, the company, its associates, and partners will not be held responsible. The client will be fully answerable to all the charges and fines that may arise because of the inappropriate use of the product. Repercussions of dishonorable use of the product include breach of copyright, court cases, expulsion, low marks, loss of scholarship, honor and any other disciplinary action. You are advised to be cautious in the way you use any product bought from our Site.
a) The moment an order goes through, there is no repayment except if it is well stated in these Terms.
b) We are pleased to inform our clients that all our Merchandise cannot be reimbursed and does not have guarantees, express or implied.
c) Our Guarantees and FAQ options of our website give directions on cancellation and refunds. Hence, once you have made an order and you feel you should withdraw then kindly refer to these sections on what to do.
12.1 IPRs in the Products
a) Custom Freelance experts develop all our merchandise issued to you.
b) The company is entitled to complete copyrights for all merchandise issued to you.
c) A written permission from the company should be obtained before any person issue, duplicate, print, alter, exhibit, or use any contents of this Site.
d) In the event that a client uses any information obtained from our site unlawfully, the company, its associates, and partners will not be held responsible. The client will be fully answerable to all the charges and fines that may arise because of the inappropriate use of the product.
e) Provided you have paid for the merchandise, the company offers you non-limited use of the product for personal use only.
12.2 IPRs in any materials that you supply to us
At no point should you supply us with content that contravenes the intellectual property rights of any other person or break any relevant law. You will be accountable for any damages caused to the company.
12.3 IPRs in the Site
a) The company posses the entire intellectual property right in every section of the Site.
b) The contents of the Site should not be duplicated, distributed, or downloaded unless either there is permission from us or allowed by our Terms.
c) Intellectual property right of the Site is not transferrable to anyone who visits the Site.
12.4 Sources Used Feature
Our clients should be aware that we will issue them with extracts from the products for sampling purposes and not the piece of writing in totality. In addition, clients will be billed for all merchandise distributed to them. The cost charged will be evaluated in terms of compilation and distribution, sources of the material in question etc.
a) Note that all your anticipations may not be met especially where your machine lacks applicable know-how, meaning that a client may not be able to use the Site or utilize some or all of the services. This is because the Site makes available what it is there at that moment.
b) Our Site is availed to you through World Wide Web and its totally autonomous. Therefore by making use of our Site, you do the same to World Wide Web which is under local and global laws and regulations. It’s our responsibility to let clients know that our company only represent issues under the authority of the United Kingdom only.
c) Different sources and links to websites are at times included in our Sites and these belong to third- parties. It is therefore recommended that before you make use of their services or supply any information, kindly go through their privacy policy. Our Site will not be accountable for any use of third party materials.
d) Our company will not be held responsible for any damage incurred by a client because of amendments made to the Site.
e) We are not accountable to any individual, either as a result of or in relation to the products and services as well as but not restricted to:
I. cell phone, Internet, computer malfunctions, network, email, hardware or software, malfunction of any nature;
II. incomplete, unsuccessful, corrupt or delayed computer or email communications;
III. any delay of products or services arising from a state originated by occurrences beyond the control of the company.
IV. Any losses, damages, injuries resulting from the use of the Services or;
V. Any surface errors like printing or typographical errors in any product.
f) We will not have any legal responsibility to you or any other person, for your inability to use the Site or in relation to use of the Site, or for any other reason together with, but not restricted to:
g) Any occurrence beyond our means;
h) Unpredictable losses or damages
i) Our terms does not have deliberate efforts to rule out legal responsibility for damages, death, fraudulent misrepresentation or any other issue that affects your fundamental rights as a client.
a) Your rights as a client are not transferable. However, the company under these Terms can transfer its rights to another company but at the end of it, the clients’ rights are not affected.
b) In the event that a client violates these Terms and nothing is done at that particular moment, the company is still at liberty to exercise its rights at a later date.
a) All notices from clients must be in writing and forwarded to our contact address in the Contact Us option on our Site. This must be adhered to unless our terms state otherwise.
b) On the other hand, all notices from our office to clients will be either:
I. exhibited in the site now and then
II. exhibited on your personal order page; or
III. directed to the email address provided while registering.

a) We are under the authority of English courts because our Terms are administered by English law.
b) In the event that a client makes use of our services and he/she resides outside United Kingdom, that client should abide by local laws where it applies.
In case you are in need of more details concerning our company, kindly get to us via email, telephone or chat shown in the Contact Us page on the Site or your personal order page.
Progressive Delivery
Progressive release
This is intended to offer you more organized over huge orders.
Option granted to you:
1. High standard of controlling over the development since you accept each part or level as soon as it is finished.
2. Capacity to break down transaction into many installments as per your budget.
3. The communication is done in time and effectively between you and your writer by the personal manager.
4. For the advance planning decision, the paper submission to you in stages, as per the agreed time schedule which helps you to plan consequently.
5. We have an extended revision time limit of 21 days instead of 7 days for revisions and this service is regularly offered. We have many years of experience in the field of academic writing, we have progressed the highly suitable system of running huge academic works.
Director’s Notice on Social Responsibility
To all our esteemed clients and guests to our Site
Our company is concerned both about our customers and/or writers and at the same time takes into account the concerns of the society e.g social ethics and beliefs/ principles.
Despite the fact that our company cannot give assurance in line with improper use of all the resources from our company and violation of our writers’ copyright, it still ensures that collective accountability and conformity with scholarly regulations are dully adhered to. In order to achieve this goal, the company has taken a bold step in examining fields of study and subjects where cases of misuse of materials are rampant amongst our customers hence leading to disqualification or bogus degree. Competently, our company admits that there are conditions where basic human rights, health and life may directly be influenced by the decisions of our customers.
The following are some of the disciplines identified with misuse of materials:
• Nursing
• Architecture, Building and Planning
• Criminal Justice
• Health Care
• Anatomy, Pharmacology, Physiology and other Medical Sciences
• Civil Engineering
• Criminal Justice
• Engineering
• Criminology and Criminal Law
• Aviation
*This is the current list but it is subject to further amendments if more disciplines are identified at a later date.
In order to fight the vice in these disciplines, the company quits any order
falling under the policy and a refund is made in totality.