The Impacts of Transformational and Transactional Leadership Styles on Employees' Performance in Apple Inc. in the US.

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-By using Chapter 1 and 2 and by using the other file is about template for “Chapter 3”.
-In this part you will not collect data, JUST explain with details What are you going to do, why are you going to do it, how are you going to do it, and when are you going to do it?
-You must collect research data and the methodology explains your approach for doing
What are the needed data, sources, and methods.
-Determine the sample and population from your imagination. Related to the topic it is probably the survey will test one company Apple Inc. in the U.S.
-Verify that it exists and that you can get access to it You must discuss, in detail, the procedures that you will use to collect the data Where it is located (existing data), what your population and sample characteristics are, how many surveys, how participants will be selected, how surveys will be distributed and returned, whether they are anonymous or not, whether the survey has been tested for validity and reliability, and so forth.
– Write a survey questions based on the chapter 1 & 2, and the problem of the research + topic …etc. “2 pages”
-Please read the three attachments regarding chapter 3.
– Use as much as you want for References but it must be from a scholarly articles.
-APA style.
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